More and more people are choosing the most comfortable heating methods, so that a person does not serve his heating system, but this system serves for the person and his needs. Thus, it facilitates daily running and allows you to pay more attention to activities that are important to you. In the running 21st century, it is a great advantage to find time for yourself, but at the same time be sure that the microclimate in the room where the time is spent will be automatically monitored. Heated, cooled and also cleaned of everything superfluous and harmful to health.

The operation of the heat pumps is very quiet, you will not even hear that your room has such equipment. You will only be able to feel the benefits of fresh, warm or cooled air provided by the heat pump system of your choice.

Heat pumps are a convenient and modern solution for heating a living space or any other room. Accordingly, taking into account the area of ​​the room, we will be able to recommend the power of a heat pump that will be most suitable for you. To make a living room or commercial space, that is designed to be equipped with a heat pump, comfortable in a variety of weather conditions.

external and internal, just like an air conditioner.

One block is located outside the house and the other is inside. Inside the house, the heat pump requires a very small area. In this room you don’t need to have only a heat pump, there can also be some other things you need in your household. Heat pump control is convenient and automated. It also opens up a wide range of programming possibilities. Accordingly, with a heat pump the selected room is heated or cooled quickly, which is a very big advantage if compared to this type of heating, for example, with a wood or pellet heating system. When the heat pump starts to heat up, the speed is adjusted so that it does not blow colder air than it is in the room.

Of course, you can find both pros and cons for each heating system. Also, one heating system will be ideal for one object, but for another it will be uneconomical and useless. By this, we mean that the process of preparation and negotiation before selecting and installing a heating system is very important. The long-term experience of our company’s employees allows us to quickly understand the pros and the cons of the customer’s chosen object, in order to find the most suitable heating system.

type of heating, because during the production of heat energy there is no combustion process that can endanger the safety of the house. This type of heating is not only intended for new buildings, such a type of heating can also be installed in a renovated house that has had another heating system. We often hear from customers doubts, which of the heating systems is the most environmentally friendly. The answer and recommendation from our professionals are a heat pump heating system. Because these systems in their operation take energy from the ground, thus not polluting it and leaving no trace.

is required to install the heat pump. Their installation takes relatively little time. The heat pump is a fully automatic system that can also be controlled remotely from a telephone or tablet via your Internet connection. This advantage already provides a great deal of relief for everyday life, as you do not have to worry about putting firewood or any other fuel in the system. So that, for example, when you return home, the premises are warm and cozy. Therefore, it should also be mentioned that the heat pump does not need to build a chimney, which is most often required for heating systems. This immediately eliminates a number of operations, as well as eliminates chimney care, which is very important if the home has a heating system that is fueled with wood or pellet resources. However, we would like to emphasize that using a wood or pellet heating system, is clearly more economical both in terms of installation and maintenance, comparing wood or pellet heating with heat pump heating, heat pump heating.  But it is not possible to install it everywhere. Heat resources must be available for the heat pump to be installed, but this is already an issue that we discuss individually with each of our customers. We are also looking for solutions so that every customer who wants to install a heat pump can do so with the help and support of our professionals. By choosing to install a heat pump, in a very short period of time you will realize that the investment in the purchase and installation of a heat pump pays off quickly. This is what our customers, with whom we meet to carry out regular maintenance of heat pumps, will say. Or customers who turn to us to re-install a heat pump in another object. We believe that the positive and inspiring feedback from our customers is the best indicator of our work. We are very proud of that! And we just want to increase such feedback!

There is air – air, air – water, ground – water and water – water heat pumps. Accordingly, each of the heat pumps operates using a specific resource.

Air – air heat pump works similarly to an air conditioner, but it is also designed for space heating. We recommend installing such a heat pump in small rooms, such as a summer house.

Heat pump air – water transfers energy from the ambient air to the heating system. The device can be connected to a water heating system.

Ground – water heat pump uses the solar energy stored in the ground, which can be used for space heating. It is not the case that the earth accumulates solar heat only in the summer months, of course, it is the most active at this time of year, but this process takes place throughout the year. For example, in autumn, when the leaves of trees have fallen to the ground, they form a thick layer of leaves on the ground, and only a lot of energy has accumulated in the ground to heat the house throughout the cold season. This heat pump can also be used to cool the indoor temperature in hot weather.

Heat pump water – water. Water from the borehole is pumped to a heat pump, where its constant temperature is used for energy exchange.

You just need to understand which type of energy is the most accessible and appropriate for your chosen building. It is possible to notify it with a specialist and find out during the consultation.

By choosing to install a heat pump at home, you take care not only of the environment, but also of your own and your family’s health. The heat pumps we offer, improve the quality of the air we breathe, making it clean. The air is automatically cleaned of unwanted bacteria, viruses and dust mites, which very often cause various allergies. Also, people often complain of fatigue, drowsiness or insomnia. The first step in such a situation, which we recommend to do, is to check the microclimate in the room. Assess the temperature in all the rooms you are staying in accordingly.

Our specialists can help with the selection and installation of the heat pump, as well as regular maintenance, so that the heat pump works at full efficiency. Like all systems, this one requires regular maintenance, which is better to entrust to professionals, to make you feel really comfortable and convenient at home or at work.