The efficient and long-term operation of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems depends to a large extent on the timely maintenance of equipment.
Don’t forget that energy-efficient equipment alone will not reduce your monthly expenses and provide excellent comfort. Only by combining the right technologies with proper operation of the entire heating system, automatic room temperature control, quality and timely maintenance, you can significantly reduce your monthly energy consumption, and thus – your monthly bills.
Our experienced masters will not only help you find and install the most suitable solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, but will also make sure that they last as efficiently and for as long as possible.

It is nice to be in a room with fresh and clean air. It is just as pleasant as entering a warm room on a cool winter day, where it is cozy, not stuffy. As well as the opposite, entering a room on a hot summer day with refreshing air that cools off after the hot summer heat. At first glance, it might seem to be a trifle, but in reality, it is the things that shape our feelings with which we enter a particular room. It also has the most direct effect on the feelings when we leave the room – not only in the room where we live, but also at our work. That is why, we offer and install all the systems offered by our company – heating, ventilation and air conditioning – for both individuals and companies. On the grounds that we believe the microclimate should be considered in all buildings and premises in order to make people’s daily lives as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. In a room with a well-thought-out microclimate, a person will perform any activity more productively – from the step to home to work responsibilities. It is also not less important to mention the quality of sleep, which also goes hand in hand with the microclimate in the room. And here we could continue this chain over and over again. A well-sleeping person is happy, satisfied and positive.  Starting your day with such feelings makes it easier to maintain, especially, if you are in a room where they are regulated by the microclimate. For a happy and satisfied person, all things go much better than for someone who may be asleep, with a sore head or some other health problem, because the environment in which he is located does not control the microclimate. Let us remind you that microclimate control is automated.

The efficient and long-term operation of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems depends to a large extent on the timely maintenance of equipment.  Concerning time, it should be provided, at least, once a year. Without waiting for the moment when one of these systems works partially or stops working at all. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are like a basic set, so that the building you are in is both comfortable and has a healthy microclimate. When choosing each of these systems, it is recommended to consult carefully so that the equipment you choose is sustainable and suitable for your premises. Factors characterizing the microclimate are humidity, temperature, level of noise, lighting. Our company is responsible for the humidity and temperature of the mentioned factors. To make it easier to understand that all these units are important, let’s also outline some examples of levels of noise and lighting under the influence of the room microclimate. Because only by creating this microclimate in your space it can be understood.

can be caused by various factors. The main background to this criterion is where the building is located. In urban or rural areas. Each of these environments will have its own specific level of noise impacts, so let’s mention only the most popular. Noises heard from outside the room, such as from the street or nearby neighbors. In this situation, the quality of the building windows and wall sound insulation must be reviewed. Noise from household appliances should also be considered. The older this technique is, the greater the chance that it will reveal noise that will interfere with everyday life.

It is worth remembering that light fixtures in the room are not only interior items, but also have a practical meaning. Light fixtures are divided into three categories direct, reflected and entertained. It is recommended to choose the most suitable type for each area of ​​the room. Additional lighting would be recommended in the kitchen and bathroom. The position of the work surfaces must be reviewed so that no shadow falls on them when sitting or standing. It is recommended to use incandescent bulbs in the lounge area, as they will provide more pleasing light to the eyes. It is recommended to use halogen lamps in work areas.

for which our specialists are responsible, are room humidity and temperature. Not only a humid air causes a distraction, but often a dry one, too. If you are not sure what air is in the room you are in, but you feel it is causing you discomfort, we recommend you to take air measurements to understand it more accurately. Of course, the feeling of a comfortable temperature can be different for everyone. But there are some suggestions that we recommend to make you feel as comfortable indoors as possible. The following temperature recommendations can be automatically regulated by ventilation and air conditioning systems if they are professionally installed, but it is valuable to know these recommendations. A little detail, but by knowing and applying these factors, you will make your home life much more enjoyable, e.g., it is recommended to maintain a lower temperature in the kitchen than in the bathroom. For a comfortable feeling in the kitchen, the temperature should be from +19 to +21 degrees, in the bathroom from +20 to +22 degrees, in the living room from +20 to +21 degrees, in the bedroom from +17 to +18 degrees, in the hallway from +15 to 17 degrees. Without a professionally installed ventilation and conditioning system, it is not possible to track temperature fluctuations and maintain them at the above-mentioned level.

Certainly, you can install a new heating system in your building without thinking about ventilation and air conditioning systems, but to achieve the most comfortable microclimate in your room, it is recommended to consider installing a ventilation and air conditioning system. In any case, all the funds invested will pay off several times over time. Firstly, doubtless by having a positive effect on your health, secondly, by extending the longevity of your buildings, and thirdly, by saving your money that would have been spent. For instance, on heating that would be energy inefficient if it were not controlled through energy efficient equipment.

It doesn’t matter if the building was built recently or if it was renovated and built many years ago. Whether it is an apartment house or a private house. Each of these buildings has its own pros and cons. However, the longevity of the house can be extended by investing in the installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is undeniably valuable to listen to other people’s views on this issue, but only professional and knowledgeable people who have been working with these systems for many years will be able to help effectively.

In the experience of this company, there are many cases when a person wanted to save on the expenses of installing energy-efficient equipment and has installed it himself. But in the end, he will turn to our specialists, because the systems have not worked properly or caused inadequately large losses. Therefore, we recommend you to contact our masters immediately, if not before purchasing the equipment, then preferably before installing it by hand, thus saving you unnecessary worries and headache.

Our qualified specialists will not only help you find and install the most suitable heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, but will also ensure that they work efficiently and for as long as possible. And they are as environmentally friendly as possible, without leaving traces of pollution. We will answer all your ambiguous questions, so that after communication with our specialists you will be 100% satisfied with both our work style, quality and longevity of the services received. We believe that a favourable microclimate has a very strong effect on your quality of life, so think about what you want to pay more attention to in your life. And it can’t really be bought for any money in the world.